Academic and College Counseling

Your Future Success Starts Here.

The counseling center is an integral part of the educational program at Lutheran South. Our counseling professionals nurture students in their spiritual, academic, emotional and social development. Counselors use a proactive, developmental approach to assist students in making wise decisions personally, academically and vocationally. They assist students in choosing a balanced program of studies, in understanding themselves, and in selecting the courses required for college admission or other vocational choices. 

Our structured academic and college counseling is deliberately focused on planning for continuing education in a college or university best suited to the student's strengths and goals. The guidance counselors also provide assistance in exploring college and career choices, submitting college applications, and pursuing scholarship options.

Discussion with a teacher or a counselor will help student solve many problems that may confront them during these years of high school life. Each student should feel free to consult the counselors or teachers at any time. Students should expect to be interviewed by the guidance counselors at least once a year during their high school years.

We give personalized attention to our students in these areas:
  • Academic planning/counseling
  • Career planning/assistance
  • Personal counseling and referrals
  • College selection and application assistance
  • Scholarship assistance
  • College Rep visits
  • Testing-Explore, PLAN, PSAT, ACT, AP test Coordinator
  • Test Interpretation to parents and students
  • Drug/Alcohol Prevention and intervention efforts
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Resolution/mediation
  • Evening parent presentations
  • Scheduling-assisting the registrar with conflicts
The hallway chatter isn’t "Are you going to college?"
It’s "Where are you going to college?"


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