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LHSS Releases New Dress Policy

Did you miss the news?! We've recently released a new dress policy which will become effective for the 2018-2019 school year. 

In summary, we are making some changes to our dress expectations.  There are a number of details that have been modified, we encourage you to read it carefully.  Some of the changes to highlight include:
    • We will continue to use Just Me Apparel as our uniform provider.  Students will continue to be expected to wear polo shirts Monday-Thursday (see below), but we are also adding gray polos as well as a dri-fit style polo in a few colors.
    • Students are welcomed to wear any Lutheran South-logoed sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket over a uniform polo any day of the week.  Any of those items that are purchased from our spirit wear inventory, acquired from an LS athletic team, or purchased from JMA (who also have some new options this year!) are acceptable during school.
    • While our skirts remain the same as previous years, shorts and pants no longer need to be purchased from JMA or bear a JMA logo (although they still can be).  Students may purchase their own dress shorts or pants as long as they fit the prescribed details in the code including length, color, and material.  If there is a question about what is acceptable, students may bring the item to school and ask. 
    • Finally, every Friday is Spirit Wear Friday.  Students may wear any top that bears the Lutheran South name or logo on Fridays, including t-shirts.  Normal uniform bottoms will still be worn, but the goal is to show school spirit on Fridays by wearing tops from clubs, teams, or other LS organizations.  Get ready ... you may also see some teachers showing their own school spirit on Fridays, too!

Attached you will find the section of our updated handbook about the topic.